Making the Impossible Possible

Intuition Amplified

leads you deep inside your consciousness, awakens your dreams and desires, and liberates you from the limitations you have lived inside for too long. 

What if you could awaken and amplify your intuition?

Imagine what becomes possible when you deepen your connection with the earth, with your intuition and your magic…

You’ll discover the ability to to live outside the confines of time, to show up for yourself and your dreams, to find the magic that happens when you consistently choose YOU.

During Our time together you will discover how to:

Shed your past

and redefine the stories and illusions that leave you feeling stuck

Connect with earth

 as an energy source to support and enhance your spiritual journey

Turn towards your resistance

 and your stopping places so that you may transmute their power

Create powerful spells

 and rituals that help you partner with your fear so you can choose the things you love

Recognize the unseen forces

 of synchronicity and serendipity 

Lean into your edges

and expand beyond them into the space where miracles happen


Who do you need to become to do what you love? 

If you are yearning for the freedom to embrace your BIG dreams, listen to their call, and build upon them…

If you’re ready to allow yourself to venture outside the confines of the known, to tumble unfettered into the mystery and create openings to receive all that is available…

If you want to allow your dreams and wishes to be fulfilled by new sources of energy that ignite your passions and intuition…

I would like to invite you to amplify your intuition…

And declare your intention to move past your limitations and the roles that have defined you and emerge into the new light of YOU!

Intuition Amplified

6-week self study online program

You are the creator of your own destiny. Join me for these teachings and walk the path of the EXTRA ordinary as you learn new ways to move towards your dreams and desires leaning to choose YOU and the life you want to live. 

When you join the self study online program you will receive:

6 weekly teaching modules that guide

you through a creation process that empowers you to manifest your own dreams and desires, deeply connecting you with your intuition. 

Ceremony and ritual guidelines

to enhance the practices and content, bringing magic and abundance from the subtle realms into your physical reality.

Forever access to the Intuition Amplified

processes and teachings to revisit at your own pace and use again and again as you move forward on your path living as your authentic truth. 

Intuition amplified

6-week Personal Mentorship 

For those of you who are ready to receive more on your journey I invite you to add personal support to the program content. Let’s walk this path together and dive into all the places you are stuck, creating space for you to shine.

When you join with personal support from me You will receive:

All the goodness and magic

of the self study online program, plus the following additional ways to enhance your journey and move towards your dreams. 

3 personal 90 minute Energy Medicine

Coaching Sessions to go deep into the energetic, mental, emotional and physical patterns that are showing up in your life and keeping you stuck.

Weekly email support and feedback

for the magical creating practices that are part of each lesson, providing additional growth and expansion.


2 Payments of $811.00

Sarah’s energy, nurturing essence and deep connection to spirit and her own intuition helped usher me into the life I had given up dreaming. I am forever grateful and am excited to continue on this light filled journey to which she has opened my newly awakened eyes.


Amy Laughlin, Chicago Spiritual Teacher and Healer

I’m ready for Intuition Amplified!

Don’t let your old patterns, stories, or beliefs define you or limit your dreams a moment longer. It is time to trust your intuition and yourself. Join me and discover the magic that is revealed when your intuition is amplified.