Your primal intuitive power is Clairaudience or Clear-Hearing

This means that you connect to your intuition most easily through your audio or hearing channel. Clairaudients often create through stories and likely find that listening to information is the best way for them to take in new information. Words flow very easily for them and sometimes they may even hear voices, sounds or music in their head that others cannot hear. They are good with instruments and remembering words and tunes of songs. It is easy for them to pick out voices and noises in a crowded room and they are great listeners.

People with this gift are often able to hear messages from the Spirit world and can receive information from souls that are deceased and have crossed over to the other realms. You might also hear and connect more easily with angels and hear the gifts they are offering to the world.


As you are developing your skills, it will be helpful for you to pay attention to your thoughts and learn to discern what is the voice of your fear vs. what is the voice of your intuition. Learning to tell them apart will create a deeper sense of calm and ease in your life. It is also good to play with sound and how it moves around you. Listen for where noises come from and where they go to, there is a lot more happening around you than we have become habituated to hearing.

Here is a fun way that you can connect with your primal intuitive power. The next time you are in a pool, or a lake, or even just in the bath, lie or float on your back and put your ears under the water so that the sounds around you are muffled. Allow your breathing to slow down and your thoughts to clear. From this relaxed place, let your attention drift to the area around your ears. Focus on the sounds you hear, like the water moving, or the sound of your breath in the water. Try to drop down below these noises and listen and notice on an even deeper level and practice hearing at different levels of sound. Be open to the many ways sound and information arrive to you. The voice of your intuition will most likely sound just like your own voice, yet sometimes it may be different.


A big part of developing your intuition is learning to trust yourself and exploring who you truly are underneath all of your conditioning, beliefs and stories. For me this meant committing to a meditation practice to get to know myself as a divine being. So, my love, I encourage you to start and/or deepen your practice.

If you are new to meditation or a stillness practice, start small, just 5 minutes a day is great! It is also helpful to listen to a guided meditation when you are first starting out, however, the true magic happens in the silence, so be sure to do at least a couple of minutes of total silence and stillness every day so you can connect more deeply with your intuition.

I am celebrating your courage and curiosity for developing your intuition.

If you want more guidance and information on how to connect with your Clairaudience on a deeper level watch the



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Unleash Your Primal Intuitive Power: Clear Hearing



This course will take you through a process designed to develop the intuitive sensitivities that are already alive inside you.





As you explore the teachings, you will discover how to:

Connect with Your Intuitive Sensitivities:

Interact with the wisdom that lives within you so you can access your innate intuitive abilities.

Expand Your Intuitive Awareness:

Harness the power of the body as a pathway to understanding and trusting your intuition. 

    Create Sacred Space:

    Show up consistently for yourself and your intuitive landscape by ritualizing your practices.

    Expand Your Perception:

    Deepen your capacity to feel, see, hear and know in ways that allow you access knowledge in ways far beyond those that we have been taught.

    Forge a Deeper Connection to Your Spirit Guides:

    Explore techniques to connect with the unseen world and nurture your relationship with the non-ordinary. 

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