Your primal intuitive power is clairvoyance or clear-seeing.

This means that you connect with your intuition most easily through your visual channel. You are most likely a person who understands new things and processes information in a visual way, and you may prefer to learn and absorb information through videos, images or other tangible ways. Clairvoyants love things that are vibrant, like to use metaphors, and when describing things, tend to imagine them in their mind as pictures and images.

If you close your eyes the back of the inside of your forehead might act like a movie screen showing you images and visuals of events and situations. You are more likely to be able to see energies and entities appear as if they are in solid form. Sometimes you might see things that have not happened yet, and you get a strong sense of deja vu

This gift is connected to your third eye (6th chakra), is considered a solar clair, and is associated with the sun. It can be frightening for some people as they are afraid of what they might “see” as their intuition opens up. To feel more comfortable It is helpful to set an intention that you see for the highest good of all as you practice and go through your daily life to create a sacred space for your intuition to unfold.


As you are developing your skills it will be helpful for you to tune into colors and visual cues and let your imagination run wild! Practice seeing “what isn’t there” by allowing your vision to blur and watching for shapes and movement out of the corners of your eyes. You can also light a candle in a dark room and stare at the flame while clearing your mind and focusing on your breath to activate your seeing sense.

Another fun way that you can connect with this primal intuitive power is by picking up a camera (or your phone) and taking photographs. You don’t need an agenda, just allow your intuition to guide you. Spend time looking at your subject through the camera lens (or image on the screen of your phone) and absorb all the details. This will help you connect with the visual side of yourself and strengthen your visual channel.


A big part of developing your intuition is learning to trust yourself and exploring who you truly are underneath all of your conditioning, beliefs and stories. For me this meant committing to a meditation practice to get to know myself as a divine being. So, my love, I encourage you to start and/or deepen your practice  

If you are new to meditation or a stillness practice, start small, just 5 minutes a day is great! It is also helpful to listen to a guided meditation when you are first starting out, however, the true magic happens in the silence, so be sure to do at least a couple of minutes of total silence and stillness every day so you can connect more deeply with your intuition.

I am celebrating your courage and curiosity for developing your intuition.

If you want more guidance and information on how to connect with your Clairvoyance on a deeper level watch the 



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And tap into your primal intuitive power today!


Unleash Your Primal Intuitive Power: Clear Seeing



This course will take you through a process designed to develop the intuitive sensitivities that are already alive inside you.





As you explore the teachings, you will discover how to:

Connect with Your Intuitive Sensitivities:

Interact with the wisdom that lives within you so you can access your innate intuitive abilities.

Expand Your Intuitive Awareness:

Harness the power of the body as a pathway to understanding and trusting your intuition. 

    Create Sacred Space:

    Show up consistently for yourself and your intuitive landscape by ritualizing your practices.

    Expand Your Perception:

    Deepen your capacity to feel, see, hear and know in ways that allow you access knowledge in ways far beyond those that we have been taught.

    Forge a Deeper Connection to Your Spirit Guides:

    Explore techniques to connect with the unseen world and nurture your relationship with the non-ordinary. 

    Ready to Expand Your Intuitive Gifts? 

    Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational empowerment coach.

    As a portal between the seen and the unseen worlds she lives in devotion to creating spaces that allow people to be fully ALIVE and deeply connected to their intuition. With over 25 years of spiritual exploration, trained and initiated in Shamanic Energy Medicine, certified ICF Somatic and Embodiment Life Coach, extensive training in reading the Akashic Records, and a wisdom keeper,  she is dedicated to helping individuals awaken their innate wisdom, developing their intuitive abilities and empowering them to live into their divine purpose. Sarah hosts the Modern Day Intuitive Podcast, teaches meditation and intuition development, leads programs, mentorships and workshops, and guides people on their own spiritual journey.

    Join her in embracing the mystery of life as you learn to trust yourself and your intuition.