The Crucible

A circle of Fearless

Feminine Alchemists

There is a divine magic and beauty

available when you choose to include EVERYTHING in your life and commit to following the SACRED rhythms of your own unique architecture, NO MATTER WHAT. 


When you stop labeling yourself and life as good or bad, begin to question the things you prefer to run towards and are willing to become intimate with things you turn away from, you transcend ordinary time and space and gain access to the TRUTH of your BEING. 


Life is just happening sweet one, YOU bring the meaning. 

So what do you want your life to mean? 

What are you tired of NOT doing? 

What are you NOT willing to look at? 

These are the very things that are keeping you from your FREEDOM and preventing you from living as your true authentic self. They undermine your purpose and minimize the IMPACT you came here to BE.

In our modern culture of conformity and fitting in, we have been conditioned to undermine our inherent truth for perceived safety and acceptance. And, in the pursuit of our innate desire to belong, we have traded in our own exclusive blend of magic for a one size fits all story of ‘if only I could look, say and do like that other person, then maybe I will be worthy and will be loved’. 

Sweet one,

this STORY is designed to keep you small, to keep you from being powerful, to keep you from making the changes in the world that YOU CAME HERE TO MAKE!

It is up to us to take back our power, to develop our innate intuitive gifts and make a stand for our humanness, for our wellbeing, for one another, for our Earth and for our very lives. It’s imperative that we begin to see through the illusion and lies that we live inside and do something different. 


This journey begins with YOU becoming empowered in your own life. Making choices that support your heart, your soul and the planet THEN taking the actions that create change. 

No more running from the parts you hide and hope no one can see. 

No more allowing the narrative for your life to be defined by others.

No more caring what others think or say about you and your gifts. 

No more fighting for your limitations.

No more pretending it doesn’t matter. 

No more being afraid of your power


It’s time

to rise up and look at all the ways we give our power away and tell ourselves ‘It’s Okay.’

My love, it is not okay. 

You play an important part in the EVOLUTION of our planet. You are here to support the healing and the revitalizing of humanity, just by being you.

You are here to create great change. Your love and devotion matter. YOU MATTER

Having the courage to turn inward, to develop your intuition, to live your truth, and being willing to live outside the confines of our current reality, is a GIFT to us all.  

It’s time to harness your power, tend to your heart, and answer the call. 

It takes a village to live in harmony and balance with the Earth and each other. You know it’s time to find your place and facilitate a better world for us all. 



6 months of sacred sisterhood

a portal to stop the hustle and busyness, connect with your own unique rhythms and cycles and lean into the mystery of life unfolding

2 Monthly Group Q + A Energy Medicine Coaching Calls

that go deep into the beliefs, stories, conditioning, ancestral wounding and patterns that keep you stuck and feeling disempowered

Ceremonies, rituals and magical offerings

that empower your spiritual path using the foundations of the Andean Medicine Wheel to awaken the wild within you

Meditations, Shamanic Journeys

and Soul Activations to increase your knowledge, activate your intuition, expand your conscious awareness and reclaim your aliveness

Exclusive access to a private Telegram

Channel for questions, coaching and support between our calls that will be answered within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Access to purchase personal 90 minute energy medicine coaching

sessions with Sarah to go deep into the energetic, mental, emotional and physical patterns that are showing up in your life

The power to transform your life

and trust your intuition, by creating the freedom and abundance to follow your own path, one that honors Mother Earth and all of her divine beings 

This is why THE CRUCIBLE is calling you. 

A circle of FEARLESS FEMININE ALCHEMISTS living in devotion to the truth that is alive within us all.


She knows you are unique, that you are one of a kind, that you are a miracle. In her embrace everything is revealed, everything is welcomed and everything is changed.

Come and take your place by her fire, the time
for change is NOW! 

Join us in this sacred circle of women devoted to trusting their inner authority, honoring their authentic self, and creating a new future for us all. 

Pay in full


For 6 months

$600.00 per month