Listen To The Calling Of Your Soul

by | Jan 7, 2017 | Spirituality | 0 comments

It is time. We can no longer ignore the calling of our soul. It is getting louder and louder and no matter how hard we try to deny it, we know that we can’t keep going down the road we are on, that something needs to change.

As this voice gets louder, we are being called towards the greatest version of ourselves. We are being asked to step into who we are becoming and remember who we truly are at a soul level. We are on the journey through time and space, not to be limited by the beliefs of society, our wounding or our past, and when we connect with this part of ourselves – our soul, our intuition, our higher self – we open to the endless possibilities life has to offer us.

We can recognize our soul as that part of us that knows what truth looks and feels like, the part of us that pushes forward, even when we feel we cannot endure another step. It’s the steady beat, and the gentle whisper, of our heart, that reminds us that we are here for a reason, even when we are lost and confused.

It is time. I invite you to listen to the calling of your soul and step into who you are becoming.

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