Episode 4: Connecting with your inner knowing

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Today on the Modern Day Intuitive Podcast our caller, Ella, is trying to make a decision on whether to continue her role as a stay at home mom, or is now the time to move forward in pursuing her career in coaching. 

This question takes us on a beautiful journey and uncovers the following topics:

  • How the roles we play, our never ending responsibilities and the way we ‘should’ ourselves, disconnect us from our true essence and our wholeness, and therefore our intuition. 
  • That during our developmental years and harder times in our lives we adopt coping strategies to survive. If we allow these belief systems to go unattended as we age, we start to believe that the things we hear in our head are true about us and we move further away from the voice of our heart and our intuition. 
  • We explore that if we take the time to sit and listen, we all have a voice inside us that is asking us to pay closer attention to ourselves, our needs, our desires, our hearts. This is the voice of our soul, our true self, our inner knowing. 
  • We cover how our self care is critical in our journey to connect with ourselves and our intuition and how we can create a new destiny for ourselves by allowing change to come from within rather than from outside ourselves. 
  • I also talk about how managing our energy is an important part of being able to find our inner knowing, and how it plays a part in connecting to the deeper wisdom that lives within us all.

Listen to how I begin and end my sessions, at How to Set a Sacred Container

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About Sarah:

The most important relationship you will have in this life is the one you have with yourself. How you show up for everything, is connected to how you are loving and being with yourself. Because of this I love inspiring incredible women to embrace your magic and live in the mystery, reconnecting to that part of yourself that has been calling you to go deeper, to get closer, to stay awhile and rest with her. For me, it is a privilege to feel all the sensations of life, therefore I want to go deep with you, as you shine your light to see in the darkness and relearn to trust yourself and your magic to your deepest depths and beyond.

I am a way-shower, who invokes the fire of your soul to remember why you are here and bring forth the wisdom that lies dormant in your bones, just waiting to be heard. As we dance together in the space between the seen and the unseen worlds, we will create magical transformation and awaken the gifts of your intuition, your magic and your deepest desires.

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