How To Use A Pendulum

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Pendulums are a quick and easy way to ask and get answers to basic yes or no questions. Plus, the fact that almost anything can be turned into a pendulum at a moment’s notice, adds to the convenience of it all. You can use your own pendant on a necklace, or you can just suspend any object from the end of a piece of chain, thread, string or ribbon. Of course it is really inspiring to have a beautifully crafted ( by yourself or other artisans) pendulum or you can find a basic one in your local crystal shop or even on Ebay and Amazon. Also, there are lots of materials on the market to help you make your own, one of a kind pendulum if that speaks to you.

Once you have decided how your pendulum will look, its time to calibrate it to your own, personal energy or vibe. The way to do this is to hold your pendulum by the free end, letting the weighted end hang loose. Keep it perfectly still, then ask a simple “Yes” question to which the answer is obvious, for example a favorite of mine is “Do I like chocolate!”. As you ask, keep your eyes on the pendulum and when it starts to move, note in which direction it goes, (right to left, clockwise, back and forth etc.). This movement denotes your “Yes” direction. Now repeat the process asking a question to which you know the answer is “No”. The movement that ensues denotes your “No” direction. I also like to check for a “Maybe” answer as sometimes the information is not available at the time you ask or the question is not clear enough. It’s a good idea to play around and practice by asking a few questions each time to get a good feel as to how your pendulum responds to you. Once you have established these basics you are ready to use your pendulum!

Now the fun really begins, you are ready to start asking relevant questions to help guide you on your path. It’s time to find a quiet, peaceful spot where you can be alone and tune into your intuition. Take a few deep breaths to ground and center yourself , support your elbow either on your knee, if you are sitting on the ground, or on a stable, flat surface. Hold the string of the pendulum in a pincer grip between your fore-finger and thumb and let the weighted end hang down straight. You can run your fingers down it to center it and stop it from swaying. I always like to get permission to access the information so I start by asking “Dowsing System, could I, should I, may I dowse?” If you get a yes response, it’s time to focus on your question. It’s a good idea to concentrate on the general energy around the question, while actually putting into clear, concise words the actual question, and it must have a yes or no answer or I have found you will get a ‘maybe’ for your answer. For example, “Is it in my highest and greatest good for me to … ” Once you have asked your question wait until the pendulum starts moving ( keep you hand very still so as not to influence the outcome) and then take note of the direction it is moving in and what that direction says to you. The more you utilize this method of divination, the quicker, easierĀ andĀ more satisfying it will become. Have fun and enjoy the process.

Author: Carole Hughes, Teacher of Divination, Crystals and Tarot Cards

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