Episode 79: Simplify Your Life to Amplify Your Life with Jen Mons

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I love welcoming leaders in the spiritual and personal development world to the podcast, and I was honored to do a reading for the inimitable Jen Mons! Jen is a speaker, author, coach, and an energy alchemist. She’s the creator of the 5 Element Well-th program and hosts The Body & Soul Wisdom podcast.

You can tell from that intro alone that Jen has so many gifts to share, and she wants to find new ways to create alignment in her life and expand her boundless creativity with a little more ease and flow. During her reading, we talked about:

  • Letting yourself live inside your body letting your root chakra reach down into the earth to let that connection with the earth expand
  • The cycles of expansion and all the beautiful ways in which we grow
  • How being grounded allows you to experience your life in deeper, more spiritual ways
  • Recognizing where you’re creating from
  • Using your core wounds as an opportunity for growth, acceptance, and alignment
  • Stepping outside of the role and costume life assigns to discover your own truth
  • Listen now to discover the magical possibilities that open when you recognize and own your beautiful, creative, potent power.

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Want to Find Out More about Sarah?

Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. She inspires her clients to live into their dreams, their desires and their destiny. To create a life that is full of joy and laughter and possibilities. A way-shower and truth-speaker, she invokes the fire of your soul to remember why you are here and bring forth the wisdom that lies dormant in your bones, just waiting to be heard. Come and dance with her in the space between the seen and the unseen worlds, where you will create magical transformation and awaken the gifts of your intuition, your magic and your deepest desire.

Want to Learn More about Jen Mons? 

Jen is a speaker, author, coach, mentor, and energy alchemist for purpose-driven women ready to Redefine excellence, leadership, success, and wealth through 5 Element Well-th, Prosperity, and Soul Wisdom Imprinting. She guides women from hustling to alignment, overwhelms to overflowing, and doubt to clarity and confidence. She brings her experience as an Energy & Wellness Intuitive, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Breath Work, Yoga, and Meditation Guide to her programs and retreats.  She is the host of the Podcast “Body and Soul Wisdom”, formerly The Embodied Healing Self, since 2019, creator of The Feminine Leadership Method ™, Embodied Feminine CEO, 5 Element Wellth, Prosperity, Soul Wisdom Imprinting, and Embodied Feminine Retreats. She coaches, mentors, and educates high achieving soul-driven female coaches, and entrepreneurs to redefine success and wealth.  Clients arrive by seeking clarity, alignment,  balanced energy, joy, and fulfillment in their life by harnessing the energy of healing, transmuting saboteurs, owning body and soul wisdom, and clarity to step into our unique soul wisdom legacy. Through her own life experiences, overcoming many challenges as a military academy graduate, and corporate engineer, and overcoming 2 health crises, and 1 financial business crisis,  she has mastered creating the foundation for a blueprint that is an energetic vibrational match for living in alignment to our unique soul wisdom imprint and is the creator of the 6 step process “Soul Wisdom Imprinting”.

Check out Jen’s prosperity roadmap bundle at https://www.jenmons.com/prosperity-roadmap-bundle 

You can Reach Out to Sarah here

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