Trusting Your Intuition

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We’ve all done it… We’ve fallen into the belief, the illusion, that we can control our pain, our lives, or our situations. The illusion of control tells you that you can fix this, you can keep it all inside and struggle through and make it to the other side unscathed. 

This illusion of control traps so many of us in its grip, and makes us believe  that we have the power to make things go a certain way so we can feel safe. This isn’t safety, it’s just an illusion that keeps us disconnected from our intuition. Our intuition operates in the space that believes we are supported and that knows that the universe is constantly working in our favor for us, for our highest good. The universe is moving us towards outcomes and situations that guide our soul’s expansion to our greatest life here on earth.

When we are able to lean in and loosen this grip, we allow a space for our intuition to come in. We allow space for that voice, that internal knowing, to flow freely so we can access it. 

Sometimes we experience a lot of doubt about whether our intuition is correct. Can I trust it? Should I listen to it? Is this the right thing to do? When you are connected with your higher self, the answer is always YES!

We look for validation outside ourselves. We allow others to tell us who we are and what we’re supposed to be. We negate what is so loudly being said inside ourselves, and we turn outwards looking for answers. Remembering to turn inward to your intuition is how you build a deeper relationship with it. It’s how you learn to trust that internal voice. It’s how you learn to know that you have the answers.

I have an exercise you can use to learn how to trust your internal voice deeply. When you are in this space of not knowing, ask yourself simple yes or no questions. When I was learning how to trust my inner voice, I picked two simple things that were a definitive yes or no and played around with how they felt in my body. 

My yes was, “Do I love my children?” It’s an absolute truth. That’s an absolute yes. I learned to understand what that felt like in my body. I also asked, “Do I like chocolate?” because the answer to that is yes, absolutely! For the no side, I picked things like, “Do I like licorice?” Absolutely not. And I played around with this. The important thing is to have fun! Chocolate and licorice are a fun way to explore without getting too serious. When we get too serious, we shut down our intuition. Our intuition is playful, it’s light, it’s joyful, and the more we can find ways that operate in that spectrum of emotions to learn to connect with it, the easier it becomes.

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