Naming Your Intuitive Gifts

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We all possess beautiful, intuitive gifts, but we don’t always recognize them or know how to call them forth by name. 

During my readings, I frequently say things such as “what is coming to mind?” “ I’m getting a visual”, “I’m feeling a sensation in my body”. These are ways that I pick up on intuitive information, yet this is not something I was born knowing how to do, I learned how to receive intuitive information, and we ALL have these abilities.

They have different names, and they bring us different messages, but each gift is rooted in your intuition. Our four main gifts are clairvoyance, aka clear seeing, clairaudience, clear hearing, clairsentience, clear feeling, and claircognizance, and clear knowing. 

So, when I say “what is coming to mind?”, it is this idea of claircognizance, where clear information is just arriving into my mind. I didn’t know it before, yet I know it now. It’s almost as if the thoughts are just coming in from somewhere else, yet they appear to be my own. This is one way spirit talks to us, and it’s often referred to as downloads, where information just arrives and we have access to it. 

When you hear me say “I’m getting a visual”, this is an example of clairvoyance or clear seeing, where an image appears in my mind and then that image comes with information. Sometimes people will see it almost as if there’s a movie playing in their head. I see it as static images that shift and change as more information comes through. Sometimes it’s just a wisp, it’s not even a full image. 

When I talk about sensations coming into my body, this is an example of clairsentience, or clear feeling, where I am physically feeling things in my body that I didn’t feel before and are directly related to the information that I’m reading.

Clairaudience shows up as hearing things. It can range from hearing actual voices or music playing, to having the awareness that words are forming within my consciousness that I wasn’t previously aware of. 

We all have access to these four clairs. Typically we are born with one that is the strongest and easiest to access when we’re first starting out. However, we are able to develop all four of them over time when we put our attention to them and practice connecting with them.

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