Letting Your Pain Lead You

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We experience pain on so many different levels from the physical to the emotional. A lot of times we are given advice to numb that pain through many different vices, or to medicate the pain and avoid it, but why? 

Pain is such a beautiful messenger that comes forward in our bodies. Our pain not only holds what’s physically happening in our body, it also holds our childhood wounding, our unresolved issues, and provides an opportunity to deepen our relationship with our intuition. It holds things from this life and also from past lives, from our ancestors, and from things that we came into this life to heal. Pain brings forth the opportunity to heal. 

Pain is essentially a portal to our intuition. In my own life, after I had my children, my body was wrecked. I had back pain, pelvis pain, leg pain, and the more I turned into that pain, and the more that I used it as a portal to discover what was really going on at the root of this pain, the deeper and more profound my connection to my intuition became. It truly became a lens through which I could see into a different realm, into a different dimension. If I hadn’t had that pain, if I hadn’t gone through the emotional and physical journey, I could have missed this amazing opportunity to connect to my intuition in such a profound way. 

One of the things I chose to do was to breathe into the pain and ask it to show me a memory. Most of the time, the pain we are experiencing started many, many years ago. By connecting with the memories related to my pain, it gave me insight into what was really going on, and it allowed me to rewire my brain to the positive, rather than continuing to access the negative. 

How can we use the transformational energy of pain to our advantage? Our planet is in a time of historical transformation. It’s a time when we get to show up and do things differently, a time when we get to bring forward a new way of being with intention.

If we can remember the truth that we are not defined by our circumstances and move away from the victim energy that has been such a part of our society for so many years, there is an amazing source of power within ourselves that we can tap into. We can shift from viewing everything that’s happening to us (poor me, why me, I can’t believe this is happening to me), into asking questions such as “why not me?” or “why is this for me?” How is this showing up in my life in a way that I can take it and transform this into something that is going to move me forward, giving me the opportunity to connect deeper with this intuition that lives inside me?

My loves, it is time to find the courage to step through the portal of your pain, into a new way of being and living. 

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