Loving Yourself Sets You Free

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

When we connect with our emotions, we begin creating our OWN support system.

We often go looking outside ourselves for people to fill those supportive roles. We want people to love us, see us, and hear us, and yet, we’re not even able to do that for ourselves. And until we can hear ourselves, see ourselves, LOVE ourselves, we can’t recognize or truly accept that love from others.

So, my love, how do we become our own support systems? How do we stop looking outside ourselves for someone to soothe us?

First, we look inside, we listen to our emotions and ask them what they need. We ask our emotions how they are here to help us. We let our emotions and our intuition lead us and shine a light on the stories and beliefs that we hold, so that we can finally see how they are limiting us and holding us back.

Our belief systems create our reality. Our external world is a reflection of our internal world and the beliefs that we hold about how the world works.

Connecting in with your emotions creates a new freedom. We release the parts of us that are afraid to move forward. We step into a new reality that we create as we dismantle these old beliefs and put new ones in their place.

As we begin to construct this new reality, we must shower ourselves with compassion, love, and gratitude, creating channels to our internal wisdom that finally allow our intuition to speak freely to us. The more we love ourselves, the louder our intuition becomes.

We create a relationship with OURSELVES that nourishes us, nurtures us, and supports us. We create space for our intuition to flow through us in this beautiful, secure environment that we make inside our bodies, and that is when we can truly hear ourselves, see ourselves, and love ourselves in a way that nobody else can.

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