Expanding Beyond Your Edges

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As we grow and change and connect more with our intuition, something very interesting happens…

While we’re busy shifting, changing, and creating new realities and outcomes for our life, there is a part of us that hangs back, worried about what might be waiting on the other side of this radical shift.

This old, fearful part of us resists change and holds us back because it can’t face the uncertainty of the other side. We’ve reached an edge state where we WANT to be on the other side, and we know we can get there, but we’re pushing against a wall built by our own resistance.

So, my love, how do we reach the other side?

We must have the courage to trust that uncertainty is not something we have to run from, but rather something we can lean into. When we open ourselves to uncertainty, we create space for our intuition to come forward and pull us across that line and into this new version of who we are becoming. We create a container that our intuition can live and thrive in with so much more room for passion and self-expression.

We can’t step forward and be more connected with our intuition until we practice being okay with exactly where we are. You can’t become your new self without loving your old self and accepting exactly where you are in this moment.

When we find ourselves always desiring, always pushing forward, always looking for what we don’t have and what we want, we forget about this beautiful space that we are in RIGHT NOW.

There’s a quote I love from Hafiz that says, “The place you are right now, God circled on the map for you.” The more I come back to that, the more I come back to who I am in THIS moment. It might not always look beautiful at the time, but the more we can embrace this present moment, this experience, this life that we live in, this version of who we are, the easier it is for us to move forward into the space we want to be in.

Our intuition needs a place to live inside us that isn’t full of unprocessed emotions, cravings, distractions, and numbing techniques. We must cherish ourselves and nurture ourselves to become a whole being. It’s about coming home to our heart, to our center, to the essence of who we are as a being. From that place, our ability to connect with who we are becomes so much more possible.

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