Let Money Love You

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What does money mean to you, my love?

Is it a necessary evil or an abundant gift?

So many of us struggle with our feelings about money, and we face anxiety and fear as we worry about getting it, keeping it, and having enough. We get so caught up in this worry cycle that we can’t see all the ways that money loves us and wants to give us all that we desire.

My love, money is just one part of the universe’s abundance. It is just one of the many ways that this world loves you and supports you, but you can’t receive that love if you aren’t open to it.

Opening yourself to abundance begins with turning inward, turning towards yourself, turning towards the hurts and fears of the past rather than turning away. When you turn towards yourself and your dreams and your desires, you begin to move through those sticking points that hold you back from living the life you were meant to live.

When you practice saying what you REALLY desire and speaking your truth without worrying what others might think or say or do, you create a new freedom within yourself. You become the path, the portal into everything that you want and create a beautiful space for magical transformations to occur.

By speaking your truth and coming from a place of authenticity, you are inviting abundance and allowing yourself to receive all the love that is yours. You show up in new ways and bring ALL of yourself to your relationships and opportunities. No more editing, no more holding back, you know your worth and you are validating YOURSELF.

My love, this is where you begin to love yourself, cherish yourself, and celebrate the magic you bring to the world around you.

You can FEEL the earth loving you, supporting you, and guiding you on your journey. You can set down the heavy burdens of fear and worry, and trust that the abundance will be there in so many unexpected ways.

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