Negotiating the Balance of Structure and Freedom

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The world around us runs on busyness, demanding that you hustle, grind, bury yourself in a never-ending to-do list.

The constant busy work is exhausting, but it can also feel like a safety net. When we’re busy, busy, busy we feel like we’re safe, like we have some measure of control in a world filled with uncertainty. But, my love, this illusion of safety is masking what you are truly seeking… Love. A love that can only be found within you.

When you can clear away those distractions and let go of the things you don’t love to make way for the things you do love, you create new pathways for your energy, your creativity, your dreams, and desires! It’s freeing, exhilarating, and often a little bit scary….

Suddenly, you have this time, this space that is wide open to you, and it can be challenging for your nervous system to adapt to the change. Freedom can feel like a void, and it’s easy to mistake possibility for precariousness.

But, my love, making space for your intuition, your energy, your creativity, and your passion is a gift, and it’s up to you to decide how you will use this space.

We need structure AND play in our lives. It is important to create a structure for your energy to flow through, but that structure can’t become too rigid. Negotiate your relationship with structure in your life and set your intentions to be open to what your soul wants next.

Finding the right balance of structure and freedom means listening carefully to your intuition and maintaining your energetic hygiene. So prioritize your joy and make time to nurture the things that grow your soul, your essence, the love and joy inside of you.

This new space is an invitation, my love!

Follow it and see where it leads. You have created time and space for your intuition to come in, and your inner wisdom, your knowing, will guide you to the place you are meant to be. Your steps will become clear. CHOOSE to spend your time in devotion to your higher self rather than merely filling your hours with the things you have been conditioned to do.

Play with this new energy. Don’t listen to that voice that wants to put rules and parameters around it. You are stepping outside of linear time and space, coming to the place of your devotion, and creating your OWN structure for your life, your reality, your joy.

This is where you find freedom.

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