Living Outside the Box

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Who makes the rules?

From the time you were a child, you had roles, obligations, and expectations cast upon you, and many of those stories have followed you into adulthood.

We often use the stories of our past to create rules, boundaries, and parameters that build the structure of our lives. We fold our wings tightly to fit inside the narrative that we have crafted, the roles that define us, the person we think we are supposed to be.

But, my love, what happens when you outgrow those old stories and definitions? When the box you have built stops feeling like safety and starts feeling like a prison?

Your foundation has shifted, and your soul is longing for more.

When you feel at odds with the structure of your life, it’s because your soul wants you to wake up and do something! Your intuition is telling you that it’s time to move, time to grow and step out of the box, unfurl your wings and fly free. But where do you begin?

My love, you already have the template for freedom inside of you! You already know how to live a life of surprises and magic, but you must make the CHOICE to live freely, to have fun, let go, and live the truth of YOU.

Your ability to make decisions is your superpower! You may have built the structures of your life based on your past, but you have the power to let go of the roles, rules, expectations, and boundaries that are no longer serving your dreams. You can choose to let go, surrender, create with the unknown, and live within the mystery.

You can create a new, flexible structure that leaves space for Spirit to come in, for portals to open up, for new possibilities and opportunities to arise. You have the power to create your life, to craft your story the way YOU want it to be, to bring your dreams into being, and map your own destiny.

Once you have been outside the box, it’s impossible to fit your soul back in! You have lived in the realm of uncertainty, proven that you can thrive even when things don’t go your way, and recognized that you can surrender and let the magic happen.

My love, that is where you find freedom.

You let go of the need to control every aspect of your life. You find that place inside yourself where you can relax and rest. You know that you are resilient, and you can trust your inner authority to stand up to any challenge. You are following your spiritual path and expecting positive outcomes at every turn.

So, my love, when you feel your foundation shifting beneath you, and you ache to spread your wings, I encourage you to sit in that moment and luxuriate in it. Don’t rush, because it’s not about getting through, or figuring it out, or getting to the other side. It’s about being with yourself and allowing your intuition to guide you to something new and wonderful. Luxuriate in the moment you have created, and revel in your freedom, your possibility, your magic.

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