Episode 99: Overcoming the Generational Cycle of Scarcity

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We are all intertwined. Our collective stories are a living tapestry woven from countless individual threads.

You carry the stories of generations past, the beliefs and patterns handed down through your lineage become yours. They are imprinted on your energetic field, and they have the power to create connections or to create obstacles that block your path to abundance.

Min is here for a reading because she wants to release the generational blocks that are standing in the way of financial abundance. During her reading we explore:

  • The way our generational, religious, and societal beliefs shape our attitudes towards abundance
  • Overcoming a maternal lineage of scarcity
  • Understanding how collective beliefs affect your energy field
  • Recognizing opportunities as portals to rattle your beliefs and change the way you see the world
  • Creating connections by sharing stories

Listen now for a compelling reading that reminds us that while our collective stories bind us together, we have the power to choose a new path that leads to freedom. 

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Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. As a portal between the seen and the unseen worlds she lives in devotion to creating spaces that allow people to be fully ALIVE and deeply connected to their intuition. We are ALL intuitive and have the capacity to connect with what we cannot see, and because of this she loves inspiring people to embrace their magic and live in the mystery of life. Knowing that life is ALWAYS loving you, even in the hard moments, and understanding that how you show up for everything is connected to how you are loving and being with yourself,, she loves to play in the places that awaken the truth of YOU and ignite the gifts your of intuition, magic and your deepest desires.

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