Spend Your Energy Wisely

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Choice is an incredible gift.

It’s really a superpower if you think about it! Your ability to decide who you want to be and what path you want to follow is your greatest strength, but that doesn’t mean the route to your dreams is always clear.

You have so many opportunities to share your magic with the world, and as you begin the expansion process to create the life you want to live, you will bravely and boldly try so many new things. Some paths will open new portals to your dreams, but others might not be as welcoming…

You might start down a promising path only to find yourself at a dead end. What now?? Do you push past the obstacles and continue on this journey, or do you turn back and choose a different path to your dreams?

My love, there are no wrong answers!!

There is no singular path that you MUST follow. You will have countless options and choosing the “right” one means tapping into your intuition, listening deeply to what your soul is telling you, and following the course that aligns most with you and your purpose.

You might not choose just one path. Maybe you will collect pieces from one and parts of another to forge a new avenue that is fully aligned with your vision for your life and filled with soul-nourishing milestones along the way.

Sometimes you will feel great certainty that your steps are leading you to the exact place you are meant to be. As you continue along your spiritual journey you will feel a greater sense of clarity. You will see the synchronicities that tell you you’re going in the right direction, and it will be easy to stay the course.

Other times you will throw your energy into blazing your trail only to find yourself frustrated and unfulfilled. My love, there are lessons to be learned from this as well! Listen to your spirit. Call the energy that you have expended back to you and hold it close.

You do not have to keep walking a path that is not leading you to your dreams. You are allowed to change your mind, your direction, and your life. Protect your energetic body and make wise choices about where you will spend it. You must conserve enough energy to power your life, and you cannot waste it on dead ends that block your path to the life you want to live.

You own your energy, my love, and you choose where and how you spend it. Celebrate the gift of choice and use the power of your deciding to bring your dreams to life.

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