There are No Wrong Decisions

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My love, where do you feel at home?

We often equate “home” with a feeling of safety, a sense of belonging, the promise of unconditional love. Those of us who did not grow up with that sense of safety and security often grow into adulthood still yearning for that love, the fabrication and fantasy of what could’ve been, but wasn’t. We’re homesick for a place that never truly existed.

If you weren’t given that internal foundation of safety as a child, you spend your adult life trying to create a safety net around yourself from the outside. You might find yourself trying to fill the safety void with things and people, believing that the next purchase or relationship might be the thing that finally feels like home, but true security comes from within.

When you are constantly seeking safety and security, every decision becomes monumental. You worry constantly about making the wrong choice, facing failure, or missing out on opportunities. But, my love, there are no mistakes, and you don’t need to fear failure.

You are on a growth journey! Embrace this part of you that wants to grow, learn, change so that you can disrupt the old patterns and create a new way of being. Don’t be afraid to walk the path of the non-ordinary and go against the grain of society’s expectations. This is YOUR life, YOUR spiritual journey, and you can choose YOU.

Your opportunities are your adventure, and your soul is ready to embark on this exploration. Have faith and let your higher power guide you. You may not know what the whole map looks like yet, but you know that you are following your path.

When you start to worry about making the wrong decision, pause for a moment and let your curiosity lead you. Explore your choice and recognize it as an opportunity to learn. This changes your relationship with decision making. Rather than giving yourself a hard time for every perceived misstep, you become adept at making choices that move you in the direction you want to go.

So, my love, keep making those choices and boldly following your path. It will lead you to the home and safety that have always lived inside you.

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