Episode 104: Overcoming Fear of the Unknown with Krista

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In a life full of uncertainties, only one thing is certain: things WILL change. It’s that very paradox that ends up trapping many of us into a cycle of inaction, delaying the shifts that are necessary because we want to have all of the control in our lives. But it is the lack of control and the giving up of that pursuit of control that will eventually bring us the peace we’re looking for, both outside of ourselves in spirit and inside of our physical bodies.

Krista is here seeking clarity in her next steps. Feeling stuck in a loop of indecision, she finds herself shrinking from her life out of a fear of not knowing what’s going to happen next. Today, Krista and I have a beautiful conversation about this overarching fear of unknowns, something we can all certainly relate to, and discover ways to face this fear by embracing slowness and intentional pauses, letting life’s beautiful mysteries accompany us in our journeys.

During her reading we explore:

  • The importance of slowing down in order to allow spirit to come into your life
  • How to allow magic to find its way in
  • Coping with the old wounds that resurface while parenting your children
  • Embracing opportunities to alter cyclical family dynamics through parenting
  • Living the beautiful life you were meant to live, while allowing its mystery to remain
  • How to choose what you love in order to navigate the unknown
  • Relinquishing control

I hope our musings today give you the permission you’ve been looking for to go ahead and live your own beautiful life, with all of its unknowns and unanswered questions.

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