Episode 106: Healing Childhood Wounds for Deeper Human Connection with Rory

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No matter who we are, we all yearn for connection to others. Rejection while searching for that connection is one of the worst hurts we can experience, and it can be difficult to find the acceptance we seek when we’ve grown up feeling different from others in one way or another. The world we live in, with the way we are educated and expected to work, does not always celebrate those differences among us, and yet these differences are one of the most beautiful things about humanity.

Rory is here seeking guidance on how to communicate more effectively. He’s experienced a lot in his healing journey so far, working to come to terms with his non-linear learning style that he grew up navigating. Through reconciling the untraditional way that his mind works, Rory wants to deepen his relationships and connect more authentically with the people around him. Today, Rory and I have a beautiful conversation about breaking out of the box the world puts us in and embracing the varied, creative beings that we are.

During his reading we touch on:

  • How showing love to your inner child is so important
  • Past trauma and how it affects our daily lives
  • Trusting the journey you are on, and how we can protect ourselves
  • How you show yourself to the world vs. who you truly are, and how to close this gap
  • How to live more in alignment with your purpose and mission
  • Energetic practices of healing

I hope this conversation gives you the space to get in tune with your younger self. As you begin to address whatever wounds you’re carrying, it will free you up to seek the connection you crave in the present.

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