Episode 110: Overcoming Old Beliefs and the Victim Archetype with Julie

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Many of us go through terribly hard things in life, and are forced to endure traumas of all kinds. It is very natural for the body to hold onto this pain, even after years or even decades afterwards. While we may have been made victims at some point in our lives, it doesn’t mean that we are victims forever. There is always hope in moving forward, in feeling joy and feeling safe again, despite the risks that we take in letting that part of ourselves go.

Julie is here reckoning with some beliefs she holds about being “allowed” to do things, and what she is capable of doing. She’s been on a healing journey for over 25 years, so she’s not new to addressing these ideas, yet she finds herself stuck here again and again. Today, Julie hopes to move through these stuck feelings and start shifting these old beliefs within her body. 

During her reading we explore:

  • How the old and tender parts of you can sometimes be not ready to let go and heal
  • What we identify with, and how we can be playing out a victim archetype
  • How the worst part of you is actually the best part
  • How your past lifetimes can affect your current reality
  • The importance of protecting your energy
  • The beliefs we hold as children and how they might still live inside us
  • How you do not need permission to live your life

I hope this reading gives you permission to follow your heart’s dream, as the beautiful sovereign being that you are.

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