Understanding Our Unconscious Patterns: A Path to Self-Awareness and Freedom

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What are your patterns? Those mostly unconscious behaviors that shape our interactions with our environment, our mind, and our body. These patterns are learned responses, stemming from past experiences, observations, or interpretations. They are etched into our being, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Every pattern we exhibit has its own rhythm, its own breath, and a unique shape within our body. By becoming aware of these internalized patterns, we open the door to greater freedom in our lives, a deeper connection with our intuition, and a stronger bond with the spiritual world.

This journey to self-awareness requires paying close attention to our actions in every moment. It might seem daunting at first, as we’re used to letting our minds wander unchecked. When we realize that this approach is no longer serving us, we begin to forge a new relationship with our thoughts, our bodies, our breath, and our subconscious programming.

As we practice mindfulness and maintain our focus, it gradually becomes easier to recognize when we are acting out a pattern or when an unconscious aspect of ourselves surfaces. These unconscious behaviors are innocent parts of ourselves that have learned survival strategies through repetition. Instead of judging or trying to suppress these aspects, we can approach them with curiosity, love, and interest.

Let’s consider some examples of these patterns. In meditation, for instance, physical discomfort like a sleeping foot or a sore back, or mental distractions like drifting into a to-do list, are all common patterns. More deeply ingrained patterns might manifest in our reactions to everyday situations, like feeling frustrated with your child’s behavior, procrastinating on a task, or turning to comfort activities like watching Netflix or indulging in food or drink as a means of avoidance.

These patterns, whether it’s people-pleasing, avoidance, or seeking comfort in habits, often serve as shields, protecting us from underlying emotions or truths. The real exploration lies in understanding why we engage in these patterns, what they are protecting, and what it would mean to let them go and truly feel what lies beneath.

My invitation to you is to get curious about your own patterns. What do you do when you don’t want to feel? When emotions become overwhelming, what behaviors do you gravitate towards? There’s profound beauty and liberation in recognizing and understanding all parts of ourselves. By calling out these patterns and programming, we can truly transform our lives, embracing a more authentic and free version of ourselves.

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