The Mind’s Stories vs. The Heart’s Truths

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I want to talk about a beautiful concept: the mind as a storyteller and the heart as a truth-teller, and how you can distinguish between the two in your life.

The mind is a fantastic tool. It’s like a computer that keeps us organized, on schedule, and helps us navigate our daily tasks. However, it’s not the source of inspiration or the spark behind our ideas. The mind often tricks us into believing it can solve our problems, but in reality, it just loops and creates more issues by its constant need for problem-solving.

One common deception of the mind is its tendency to mislead us with ‘little lies.’ How many times have you been convinced about something, like where you left your keys, only to discover later that you were mistaken? Our minds are constantly trying to make us feel safe and certain, but they can lead us astray.

Another aspect of the mind is the overwhelm of negative thoughts we often experience – thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m a bad parent.” These thoughts aren’t unique to us; they belong to the collective consciousness. Everyone has them, yet we mistakenly believe we’re alone in this mental turmoil.

A striking example of the mind’s storytelling nature can be seen in eyewitness accounts of events like robberies. Different witnesses often give vastly different descriptions of the same event. This divergence highlights how our minds can weave intricate stories and convince us of their accuracy, even when they’re far from the truth.

In contrast, inspiration, creativity, intuition, and the language of your heart – these are unique to you. They are the expressions of your true self, uncolored by the collective narratives of the mind.

Sarah Blondin beautifully describes the heart, our connection to our soul, as the ‘unstoried self.’ This part of us isn’t entangled in the mind’s unconscious stories. It’s the part that steps outside the narrative to see beyond the mind’s limitations. The heart is our truth-teller, our portal to the soul, intuition, and the universe. It always speaks and knows the truth and constantly guides us 

So, what is your truth? What are you here to do? What is the truth of your heart, your journey, your relationships? How does connecting with your heart feel, and how can you live more in alignment with this truth?

Recognize the storytelling nature of your mind and embrace the truth-telling essence of your heart. This journey involves navigating through the mind’s narratives to find the heart’s truths and live authentically according to who you truly are and what you are here to do.

Embrace this journey of living from your heart and uncovering your truth.

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