Transforming Obstacles into Opportunities

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I want to share with you a perspective that has profoundly impacted my life: the idea that obstacles are not just hindrances but are, in fact, the very path to what we desire. Often, we find ourselves focused on what we don’t want, creating problems based on our circumstances, events, and the people around us. We struggle with these obstacles, trying various methods to fix, change, ignore, or hide from them.

Yet, there’s a beautiful realization to be had when we understand that these obstacles are in our lives for a reason. They are inviting us to look deeper, to engage with them, and to discover the magic hidden within. This process can lead us to newfound wisdom and gifts.

Energy flows where attention goes. You might have heard the phrase “what you resist persists” and it speaks volumes about how our being creates and attracts. It’s essential to ask ourselves: What are we focusing on? And how can we craft our attention to our advantage?

Instead of running away from your obstacles, embrace them. Love them. Mine them for gold, because they are full of rich lessons and insights. Running towards your obstacles, instead of away from them, can bring immense richness to your life.

In Andean traditions, we work with the medicine wheel, which follows the four directions: South with Serpent, West with Jaguar, North with Hummingbird, and East with Eagle. These archetypes hold space and healing within each direction. In the South and West, we confront the physical and mental-emotional realms, clearing and sifting through issues to move into the North with Hummingbird. Hummingbird represents finding the gift in everything, drinking from life’s sweet nectar, and embarking on an epic journey.

Often, we get stuck in the trauma and stories of the South and West, focusing on what’s wrong in our lives. But the true magic happens when we shift our perspective to see these challenges as gifts guiding us closer to our spiritual and intuitive selves. They are the medicine we need to enrich our lives and live more fully.

The common tendency is to think we are broken and need fixing. We often believe that overcoming just one more hurdle will make us worthy or lovable. But what if there’s nothing wrong with you? What if your problems are just experiences you are meant to feel?

There’s no brokenness to fix; there’s only a need for your love, attention, devotion, and gifts. You possess the alchemical power to transform your obstacles into opportunities for growth and learning.

So, what is it that you’re resisting in your life? Something that triggers you, annoys you, or you wish would just disappear. How can you view this challenge as a gift? What magic and medicine can you create from this obstacle?

Embrace the path these challenges pave for you. They are leading you to what you desire, helping you uncover the truth of who you are and the beauty of your journey.

Let’s explore these obstacles with curiosity and transform them into pathways to our dreams.

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