Episode 140: Standing in Your Inner Authority With Dexter

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I have so much fascination for how connected we all are, and how interwoven the parts of our lives are with each other. Sometimes we can see several questions arise in our lives and try to approach finding answers from different means, when they in fact come from the same source. It’s part of our natural inclination as human beings to act in patterns that may show up in many different parts of our life, and the magic lies in us recognizing these patterns and being willing to make changes. 

Dexter is here curious about a few different areas of his life. He’s wondering about his current relationship, he’s considering the implications around his current business transition, and wants to know what his focus should be for the next three months. Today, Dexter and I have an enlightened conversation about how life does not happen in a vacuum, and when something shows up in one area of our lives, we can be almost certain that it will show up in another area as well.

During his reading we discuss:

  • The importance of standing and living in your inner authority
  • The potency of making choices and finding happiness in the present moment 
  • That waiting to live until future potential is reached can keep you stuck
  • Being empowered by living your highest truth today 
  • How your business has its own soul and ways you can resource it independently from your own being 

I hope this reading gives you the clarity and encouragement to live present to all of your moments. 

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