Shifting Your Perspective to See the Unseen

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I want to share an experience I had in a morning meditation I had recently. I was down at the river doing offerings to her and singing and chanting. As the sun rose, I became still and quiet and just experienced this beautiful oneness, this beautiful connectedness.

And as I opened my eyes, I looked out over the river, it was so clear and I could see in the surface reflection of the river, there was all this activity. There were all these little reflections of bugs dancing, there were hundreds of them. When I looked up into the area above the river where this reflection was happening, I saw nothing, I couldn’t see the bugs, but again, I looked at the reflection, there they all were dancing. Some ducks came along and the ducks were eating the bugs. Yet, I couldn’t actually see the bugs, only their reflection in the water. 

What this brought up for me was how there is so much in our world that we are connected to that we cannot see. Yet it’s there, all around you, you just need a different perspective. It takes having a different way of looking at something, having a deeper knowledge of how to see it, feel it, and sense it. Just because you cannot see it doesn’t mean it’s not real or that other people can’t see it.

This moment really connected and brought in what I teach, this beautiful unseen world is available to us and we just need to learn how to see it. And so I sat there really being in awe of how the world is, how it works, how this truth was being shown to me in a very real way because the bugs are there.

Then as the sun rose higher in the sky, I could then see the bugs above the water. 

I’m sharing this with you because we get so caught up in our version of how things look and our understanding of reality, that it often takes having a little bit of a different perspective of viewing something from a different space, with a different quality of light, a different quality of being, a different frequency. 

How could something look if we brought a frequency of forgiveness to it? How might it look different if we brought a frequency of joy towards it? What if we just loved everything? What could be different in your life if you showed up loving everything?

That, my loves, is high-level magic. When you know that everything in life is to your advantage and the more of your loving that you bring to yourself and the more you allow life to love you, the more amazing and wonderful it will be.

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