Episode 141: Finding Yourself After Marriage With Conny

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We’re all programmed with collective narratives, and one of these that is particularly strong and disempowering for women is about the very old institution of marriage. It’s a system that was once created as a means to sell women as property, and although it has evolved to mean something very different in modern society, I believe there is still a lot of subconscious wounding there to work through, especially if you are brave enough to challenge those norms and go through a divorce. There are so many stories that tell women that they must fear being alone, particularly in old age, that sit within us as we process whatever pain we’re experiencing from the ending of a long relationship such as a marriage.

Conny is here feeling like she’s “lost her mojo.” She’s not originally from the US, but has lived here for over 20 years. A few years ago, her husband left her for another woman, and she’s still struggling with that pain. Today, Conny and I have a beautiful conversation about what we can uncover when we are willing to look deep into every part of us, and how to grieve the loss of the future you thought you were going to have after breaking up with a romantic partner.

During her reading we touch on:

  • How so often, we are not actually still grieving the person, we’re grieving the fantasy
  • The collective patriarchal narratives regarding marriage
  • What it means to be older and divorced
  • How when you’re leaving a marriage, you’re not just leaving a person; you’re leaving an institution
  • How our sense of belonging actually comes from inside us
  • Rewriting your internal narratives and radically loving and accepting yourself
  • An energetic tool to help gather pieces of your heart

I hope this reading gives you comfort no matter where you’re at in your journey.

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