You Are The Ancestor

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I wanted to share a profound experience I recently had while participating in a two-week ceremony to honor my ancestors. This ceremony spanned from the full moon to the new moon, and on the final day, something truly magical occurred. 

As I completed the ceremonial tasks and mantras by the river that morning, I was overcome with emotion and began to cry. In that moment, I realized that by honoring my ancestors during these past two weeks and bringing in their teachings, I had also taken on their pain and everything they wanted to let go of – their unfulfilled wishes and desires.

It was a beautiful release as I grieved on their behalf, blowing their unlived dreams into offerings and giving them to the river. My ancestors were there, supporting me on this journey, acknowledging that I was doing what they could not. They showed me that I am the ancestor for all the generations to come after me. I saw visions of my daughter, son, their children, and descendants stretching far into the future. 

By choosing to live authentically, doing what I love, and showing up fully for myself, my family, and humanity, I was changing the trajectory for all of them. I was bringing forward the magic, intuition, and deep knowing that lives within me.

When we live as our true selves, refuse to settle, and embrace all the goodness and love that we are, we have the power to transform patterns and change the world. This is what we came here to do – to be the ancestors who pave the way for future generations through our courageous choices. 

As I sat by the river, information began downloading about how I am here to serve and love others, guiding them to connect with their intuition, magic, and authentic selves. And then, something extraordinary happened – a crayfish crawled across the river towards me, something I had never witnessed in a year of sitting by that river.

The symbolism of the crayfish was profound: abundance, rebirth, sharing ancient knowledge, honoring family, and leadership. It was a sign that perfectly aligned with the lessons and realizations I had experienced during the ceremony. 

My loves, I invite you to connect with your ancestors, feel their presence, get to know them, and honor them. Remember that you, too, are an ancestor. The choices you make, the magic you allow to flow through you – it’s all changing not just your life but the lives of those who will come after you. Embrace your power, your lineage, and your role in shaping the future.

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