Episode 142: Overcoming Curses With Lis

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So many of us grow up in situations where we don’t feel safe or protected. In these scenarios, it is very common to get stuck in “karmic loops,” which are, in essence, the curses that are played out through our family lines. This can create many problems in our adult lives, because we’re running these programs that were put in place as survival strategies. The beauty of taking our lives to the next level and bringing in energetic and spiritual tools is that we can actually use these modalities to clear the loops we feel ourselves stuck in. 

Lis is here looking for answers. She’s grown up with the idea that she was cursed when she was 14, when an event happened that sent her on a downward spiral into depression. This understandably altered her life for a significant amount of time. Today, Lis and I have a transformational conversation that explores the layers of the energetic body that inform the physical body, and how to overcome these ingrained patterns.

During her reading we cover:

  • Our energetic development during puberty, and what happens when we are left unprotected
  • How patriarchal beliefs can interfere and affect our development
  • Our survival techniques, and how and why they’ve been established in our youth
  • How healing our trauma from our younger years is so important to live as a thriving adult
  • How we’re always being informed by trauma if we’re not willing to pause and look at it
  • How to release these patterns

I hope this reading helps you to face whatever trauma you’re holding onto so that you can thrive. 

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