Deepening Your Intuition Will Change Your Life

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This topic was inspired by a conversation with a friend about a dream I had about allowing the old self to die. When you’re on an intuitive journey, your life will change – there’s no way it can stay the same. The nature of a spiritual and intuitive journey is a journey into you, and because you are a divine being, that journey into yourself will change you. It will become impossible to fit inside the old version of you.

As you open up and get in touch with your psychic abilities (our intuition is connected to the psychic senses), life changes. The old you will start to fade away in small increments, and sometimes in big ones. The more you lean into sacrificing what isn’t working in honor of who you’re becoming and what you want to create, the faster this journey progresses.

Things start falling away, opportunities arise, spaces open in your life. This ability to trust yourself, the journey, the process, becomes part of who you are. You begin to realize your inner world is far more valid than the outer world, and cultivating this deep relationship with yourself deepens your intuition. As your inner world becomes the place you resource from and trust, rather than turning outward, everything outside you begins to change.

This can feel wobbly at first, as life as you knew it is rattled and shaken. Things you were once comfortable with, you may no longer enjoy. Your friends, job, family relationships may change. This is all part of the process. The more you can lean into these changes, the wobble, the uncertainty, the quicker you pop out the other side. Resistance can make things feel even more turbulent and uncertain as you’re pushing against it.

Physical sensations may happen as you’re seeding into your intuition and learning to trust more, allowing space for emotions to move as you’re not buying into old stories anymore. You’re paving a new path, and the less resistance to the world around you, the more you’ll connect with your truth.

In my experience, the deeper I go into this intuitive journey, the more fire I have to walk through. Life is always loving us by burning away what’s not working. Death by fire has been transformational for me. At first the fire scared me, but now I run towards it, knowing true freedom lives on the other side of its initiation.

This isn’t meant to scare you from the intuitive path, but to excite you about the possibilities waiting as you travel this journey. Sometimes starting is the hardest part, or we reach a threshold where we’re balanced on the precipice, needing to decide – will we throw ourselves off the cliff today, or wait for the universe to do it inevitably?

So my love, what in you needs to die? What pieces have served you so well, but now it’s time to say goodbye? So the you that you’re becoming, the deeply connected spiritual being that you are, can fully emerge?

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