Remembering Who You Truly Are

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Sometimes we get lost and forget who we truly are… that we are souls having a human experience. We become so caught up in our humanness that we forget about this divine part of us that is here exploring, expanding, relating, loving, all the beautiful things that our souls came here to do.

We forget that this lifetime is a journey of remembering, of coming back to the heart of who you are and recognizing all the luminous, unique aspects of you. We are essentially coming home, back to this beautiful temple, this body that we have the privilege to live in and experience. We get to be with this body and we get to have a relationship with it. 

My favorite yoga teacher says that ‘we are divinity visiting humanity’, and whenever I hear this it just floods me with this beautiful feeling of remembering that the world, as we know it today is very dense and heavy. It’s very third-dimensional. But it hasn’t always been this way.. Over time, we have dropped further and further out of the spiritual realms and drifted away from remembering that we are souls, and that we came here to experience certain things.

As the world has evolved we find ourselves in this epoch of history where we’re really disconnected from our spiritual selves. We’ve descended so far that some people claim to have no soul. They truly believe that this incredible human body is here on earth for no other purpose than to procreate and to acquire things.

We just go about our lives without really stopping to question what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we got here. We tend to get caught on the hamster wheel of life, stuck in the illusion of the material world, forgetting that our purpose here is actually spiritual. 

I believe we are so much more than that. Our purpose is deep and divine, but if you cannot feel your spiritual self then what are you really here for? What is your purpose? How deeply can you love and relate to others if you don’t have a sense of this deep love and connection with your inner wisdom, your inner essence and your spirit? 

This is why I love talking and teaching about relationships, because everything is a relationship. The way you relate  to your entire life, including yourself and your spiritual connection is the very basis of life. How are you relating to the world around you? How are you relating to your kids? How are you relating to the trees? How are you relating to the river, to the ocean, to surfing, to dancing to your work? The list goes on and on because relating shows up in every aspect of your life, and the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself and with your spirituality. 

I know firsthand that the deeper I have learned to relate to myself, to my wounding, to my patterns, to my unconscious beliefs, to the little girl that lives inside me, to the adult that still struggles with things, the more I am able to love and bring more of myself into my own life.  

The deeper my connection to my spirit and my intuition becomes, and the deeper my commitment to hearing my inner wisdom grows, the more I find myself not acting out of fear or rushing to get to the next thing, but rather I turn inward, and come  from my heart, and the less I need to control things and rush into things. If  I can really lean into divine timing, I can see the signs around me that  guide me and point me in the right directions. There’s this beautiful sense of being held. I know that I am not alone.

And as we dive deeper into our spiritual and intuitive journey, the unseen support that surrounds us becomes more tangible, more accessible, more real to us. We clear away the facades, the screens, and all the junk that gets in the way of us having a relationship with ourselves, and that clarity extends out into the unseen world.

And yes, it can be scary to lean in and trust something that you can’t see yet, but the more you trust, the more you will see, l feel, and know that support is always with you and that you are a divine being. 

You don’t have to figure out exactly what you’re doing or never make mistakes, just don’t believe the stories that run through your head and tell you that you’re not good enough or you could never succeed at that. Negative stories and self talk just cloud this beautiful connection to our inner wisdom and to our divinity. 

How can you dive deeper into this beautiful, divine experience of being a human on earth today, in this moment? You chose this life for a reason, and I encourage you to follow your heart towards the things that light you up so you can really experience what it is to know yourself and to know spirit at a deep, deep, beautiful, supportive level.

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