Episode 77: Feelings as a Portal to Your Intuition with Grace Van

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In this episode, Sarah is joined by entrepreneur, coach, and energy practitioner, Grace Van. Grace is passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves, and she shares her journey to be open and vulnerable to her feelings so that she can connect with the wisdom her higher self wants to share.

During this episode, Sarah and Grace discuss:

  •       Clearing your mind of old beliefs to reveal a new reality and purpose
  •       Having the courage to turn inward and be present with yourself
  •       Embracing your vulnerability rather than running from it
  •       How fear disconnects you from your feelings and blocks your expansion into a higher truth  
  •       Experiencing the fullness of duality and alignment
  •       Trusting the journey and following your path 

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Want to Find Out More about Sarah?

Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. She inspires her clients to live into their dreams, their desires and their destiny. To create a life that is full of joy and laughter and possibilities. A way-shower and truth-speaker, she invokes the fire of your soul to remember why you are here and bring forth the wisdom that lies dormant in your bones, just waiting to be heard. Come and dance with her in the space between the seen and the unseen worlds, where you will create magical transformation and awaken the gifts of your intuition, your magic and your deepest desire.

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