Let Your Guiding Light Lead You

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We all have a guiding light. It’s the anchor point of our intuition, our heart, the place where all the answers can be found. We all have our guiding light, but sometimes we can have trouble believing it, connecting with it, and fully trusting it.

Throughout our lives, we’re taught to ignore the voice that lives inside us. We look outside ourselves for validation and answers rather than connecting with our deep internal wisdom. 

Instead of trusting our light to guide us, we question our minds and our path. I struggle with it, too. It’s part of being human. We get stuck in this in-between, a battle between our inner wisdom and the insistence of the outside world. We stop listening to our own voices, and begin to believe the criticism and condemnation of others, and we let our guiding light fade. 

What’s important to you? What matters to you? It’s not about what other people may think or how you are perceived. You have beautiful gifts that need to be shared with the world, but you struggle to put them out into the world without getting caught in this place of looking for external validation and making yourself vulnerable. 

Our society has stereotyped how we should show up in our lives. Society tells us what’s okay and what’s not okay, and we get lost in this. We forget that we’re unique, individual souls here on a journey. There’s nobody else in the whole world like you. You are a one-of-a-kind individual with your own set of skills and your own magic that you came here to create. You are a miracle!

Nobody can do what you do!  That is your wonderful, uniquely ‘you’ talent, and you brought it here to share with the world! This is what you came here to do. This is your life’s purpose. The more you try to be like somebody else, the more you are cut off from your intuition. 

Your soul is speaking to you. It’s that deep desire inside you. It’s bringing forward your passion and compelling you to create that beauty that only you can create. I encourage you to follow that passion. 

We were born to have fun and create in life, but we take things so seriously. We look at our responsibilities and all the things that we have to do, and we forget this huge element of our life called “FUN!” That is where the magic really lives.

This is the place that we can create from, and bring new ideas into the world, and grow our lives in ways that we can’t even imagine are possible. When we can work from this space of creating just because it lights us up, that’s when our guiding light REALLY shines! It doesn’t matter what that creation looks like – it could be creating a new recipe for dinner, or learning to play a new instrument, or birthing a new business idea into the world. It doesn’t matter what we create as long as we create from the sheer joy of lighting ourselves up and doing what our heart is calling us to do. This is where we can truly step into our intuition and let it guide our life.

I encourage you to connect with your intuition. Get out there and create something! Put your hands in the dirt, pick up a paintbrush, write something that is inside you waiting to come out, make up a dance routine with your kids, pick up your knitting needles – whatever that looks like to you. Go ahead and create, and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

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