Episode 85: Play and Pleasure as Your Path to Freedom with Valerie Maksym

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How do you move forward when life seems to be sending you so many mixed messages?

Your soul wants to be free to love and enjoy life, but your brain keeps telling you, “Not so fast- you’ve got work to do…”

Valerie Maksym came to me for a reading because her life has been in a holding pattern for many years now. She has been on a career-building journey that has demanded so much of her time, energy and focus that she has put the rest of her life on hold. But Valerie’s intuition has been calling out to her, telling her to relax, take a breath, let life and all of its abundance come to her.

It’s so hard to let life love you sometimes, isn’t it? So, in this episode, Valerie and I are exploring:

  •       Faith, spirituality, and allowing yourself to be supported on a deeper level
  •       How to merge the different parts of you so that you can step into a new identity
  •       Consciously creating your reality
  •       Trusting your life’s timing
  •       Retraining your nervous system, mind, and emotions to a new way of being
  •       Allowing yourself to rest, to relax, and not get lost in the busyness

Leaving an old life behind and starting a new chapter isn’t easy, my loves, but it is so worth it to step into the beautiful reality that YOU created.

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Want to Learn More about Valerie Maksym?

Facing the breakdown of two marriages, Valerie found strength and joy through competitive bodybuilding. Her journey of physical and emotional healing led her to discover her true purpose in life, which is to inspire and motivate people to become their best selves, unleashing their inner superhero and living life on their own terms.

She is now the author of her first book called Maksymizing Life. She is also a life coach and offers a 6-week program called, Who Am I?

You can visit Valerie and Learn more at:

http://www.facebook.com/maksymizinglife http://www.maksymizinglife.com http://www.instagram.com/maksymizinglife

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