We are Called to Co-Create with the Universe

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I believe there are no coincidences in life, there’s just divine guidance and divine timing.

When we can align ourselves with those principles, we begin to notice the signs that are happening all around us, all the time. We begin to hear the calling stirring deep inside our hearts, and we recognize that we are being called forward to step into our intuitive awareness.

We are entering a phase in our evolution as a society, as a planet, where this call is growing and getting closer to the surface. People are getting the sense that they’re waking up to something that is bigger than they are. We are feeling a cosmic pull to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and have a deeper relationship with our intuition.

It’s not a coincidence. It is part of why we are here.

We are here to co-create our life with the universe. We co-create not just for ourselves, but for our planet, our towns, our communities, our family. We co-create for the greater good of everyone.

We have this illusion that we are here as individual, separate beings, and yes, we are in human bodies that are separate from the human body next to us. However, when we look deeper on the soul level, on the level of our intuitive knowing, we’re not separate- we’re all one, we’re all connected.

We share the same thoughts. We share the same feelings. A lot of us even share the same experiences! This sense of unity connects us to each other, to our higher guidance, to Spirit and the world around us. We become aware that there is a larger picture at play. Something greater than ourselves is orchestrating our lives and our experiences. Life is happening FROM us, not TO us.

When we can see that big picture, that interconnectedness, we begin to realize that the creativity that flows through us is part of our intuition. Those ideas and dreams that you have are all part of your intuition, that deeper knowing that you are here for a much bigger purpose than just going to work to pay the bills. And that means that when you’re feeling lost, unsatisfied, stuck in that relationship that is no longer for you or the job that is just not fulfilling anymore, those are signs that your creativity is not flowing the way that it could be.

Follow that! Follow your heart, follow that dream, step into something bigger.

You are recognizing the purpose that you came here to live into, and the more fulfilled you are, the more you live from a soul level, the more you can dance with life. You begin to co-create with the universe, connect with the world around you, and welcome experiences that are in alignment with your heart and your purpose.

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