Learning to See the Support That Surrounds You

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Support is all around you. You might not always see it or recognize it, but my love, you are being held, cherished, and loved by the universe every moment, and your expansion begins the moment you are willing to trust the unseen support surrounding you.

When we lean into that unseen support, magic happens. When we truly believe that we are being embraced, loved, and protected by the universe, we start to trust that everything is going to work out.

It doesn’t mean we’ll never face challenges, or get frustrated, or struggle with the obstacles that seem determined to block our path. There will be days when everything seems hard, or even downright terrible, but we will recognize that the universe is working on our behalf in unseen ways.

We stop seeing challenges as hardships meant to bring us down, and start recognizing that walking through them is part of the journey to become who we’re meant to be. We persevere, knowing that the universe is using every moment to bring expansion to us as a soul, and to move our life forward in the direction that we want to go.

As we connect with this bigger picture and finally see this expansive energy that surrounds us, we begin to remember who we truly are. We can finally hear our intuition and begin to connect with our spirit guides, our angels, our power animals, and the unseen forces that are here in this lifetime with us.

My yoga teacher describes it as being part of a soul family. Each of us has a group or family of souls that we belong to, and we just happen to be the member of our soul family that was chosen to be incarnated on earth, in this human body, at this time. And, my love, that means that you have family around you always, loving you, guiding you, helping you, protecting you, and nudging you in the direction that you want to go.

And yet, so many of us can’t see this incredible love surrounding us. I think we lose the ability to recognize our soul family after we are born, and we have to relearn how to detect the unseen support they provide. But this is the good news- we can ALL learn to recognize our soul family again and embrace their love. I was not born able to see my guides and my soul family. It was something that called to me. It was something I was drawn towards, and it’s something that I had to practice and still practice!  

Before I reconnected with my soul family, I lived a life that was self-guided. I needed to control things. I needed to know how everything worked. There wasn’t a lot of space for intuition to flow through me because I was constantly crowding my mind. I forgot my body. I forgot that I had all these spirits, friends and family that were supporting me and guiding me.

It took a long journey inward to help me remember my spirit family, reconnect with them, and arrive in this place where life is so full and rich!  That wholeness ignited my passion to share this with you, to show you that you, too, can remember who you are and move into this space that your heart longs for.

So, my love, as you go out in the world today, I invite you to live from the heart, know that you are a soul on a journey, call in that creative energy from your heart, and dream big.

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