This is Where Growth Begins

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My love, what are your stopping places?

The ones that seem to catch you in the midst of your journey, pulling you back and making you question your next step, whispering doubts about where you’re meant to be.

We all experience ebbs and flows, doubts and fears, worries and frustrations.  We get excited when a burst of energy propels us forward confidently, but when the forward motion slows or even stagnates, we begin to worry about the future and question whether we’re on the right path.

The hardest part of the journey is learning to trust and surrender. To live HERE in this moment, be with Spirit, be in your devotion, and move beyond the stories your mind is telling you so that you may create true ease and flow.

Ultimate surrender takes courage. You must be willing to dive further, to go to the deep end of the deep end, leaving the safety of the known behind to wholeheartedly follow your soul’s calling.  Willing to devote yourself fully to your journey knowing that Spirit will ALWAYS walk with you.

When you are fully in your devotion, fully committed to following YOUR path, something so beautiful happens.

You stop worrying about the future and the things you have no control over…

You resist the human tendency to mentally create the future from past stories, fears, worries, and experiences…

You let the future come from THIS moment with your dream, your trust, your faith, and your desire.

When you are creating from the truth of your heart and soul, your way of thinking changes. You become stronger, more capable of showing up in the uncomfortable places so that you may take that next step towards your dream.  You discover a new reserve of energy waiting for you, an energy that is outside of yourself, that comes in to support you as you pursue your passion.

This is the moment, the surrender, where you stop worrying about the future, or where the money will come from, or how you will get to that next rung on the ladder. You trust that you are creating your story and your life, and that you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be at this moment.

You are the conduit for your dream, my love. Follow your heart, and trust that the abundance will come, that the energy will be there, that your spirit guides will continue leading you to your truth.  

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