Claim Your Sovereign Power

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Who guides your spiritual path?

As you begin your intuitive journey, you’ll face many crossroads. You’ll have to make choices and decisions and pick which path to follow when it feels like you’re being pulled in different directions. You’ll need guidance on this incredible journey, and your spirit guides will be by your side every step of the way.

They are here to love you, encourage you, and provide the unseen support you need to keep going when the road gets tough. But, my love, you must remember that YOU are the one making the choices.

As we walk the path to our truth it can be all too easy to let our spirit guides, or our higher selves, or the spiritual beings we are connecting with call the shots. Instead of listening to the whispers of our spirit guides, we relinquish our power completely to them.

Your spirit guides are ALWAYS looking out for you, but sometimes we give them TOO much power.. Ceding your authority to your spirit guides can become a sticking point that prevents you from expanding into your calling. You might find yourself waiting for the right time, that mythical moment when everything comes together, and your life is perfectly aligned to take the next step.

My love, there is no perfect time, and it’s up to YOU to choose your freedom. You are the spiritual being who is here in this moment, in this body. You are the one that came here to do the work, and you are the one who gets to make the choices.

That’s not always easy! We often believe that we must choose either/or, this or that… But life isn’t about choosing one or the other. We live in a world where EVERYTHING is possible! We can embrace two seemingly different things, choose BOTH, and live in the space of both/and. Putting two things together that don’t seem to go together is where the magic happens!

Claim your sovereign power, my love. Listen to the wisdom of your spirit guides, but never forget that YOU are the one that is in control. You are not defined by your circumstances, and you don’t have to wait for the perfect time to be happy. You get to choose your path and live the life YOU want to live.

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