Creating Wholeness Through Ceremony

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My love, you are a divine, spiritual being made up of so many unique and beautiful elements.

Your experiences, beliefs, ideas, rituals, and practices combine to make you, YOU! But what happens when those pieces jostle for space within you, creating a disconnect that makes it hard to choose the next step on your journey?

Your mind wants to keep these ideas separate because you learned them separately, but your intuition KNOWS that they belong together. You must trust yourself, my love, trust the very essence of you, and step outside of your understood time and space to bring them together and bring them forward to the world.

Ceremony has the power to change things. We walk into ceremony with one set of beliefs, and one way of being, and we walk out of ceremony entirely changed, a new being.

When you allow yourself to be in ceremony with all of life, and be truly vulnerable and present with everything, you make space for something new. Allowing yourself to emote moves energy in a new way that brings change and transformation.

This transformation reminds you of your wholeness. When you are young, you know you are whole, but you often forget this truth as adults. It gets covered up, hidden away, but that whole self is still inside of you, just waiting to be uncovered.

As you bring together the parts of yourself that may appear to be separated by a chasm and allow these parts to connect within you, unfold, bring forth the fullness of YOU, you become more authentic. Your soul work becomes an extension of you and your authenticity. It’s not something you DO, it’s who you ARE.

When you marry the separate parts of you and create a new union, you realize that the work you are doing is not a coincidence. You were called to do THIS, teach THIS, share THIS with the world. Your gift is born of your direct experiences, and it is an extension of your being. You chose it, and it chose you, and it wants to be here as much as you want it to be here.

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