Creating New Thought Patterns

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The stories and beliefs you held as a child often follow you into adulthood, shaping your perceptions of who you are, what you’re capable of, the roles you’re destined to play.

But those old beliefs can also create an internal power struggle when they bump up against the new stories you are creating…

You encounter blocks in your expansion because you’re still clinging to outdated or misinformed beliefs that no longer define you. My love, YOU are the only one that can write your story, and you must clear out those old roles, masks, or misinformed beliefs to make room for the person you are becoming.

When you cling tightly to the stories of the past, they become an innate part of your thinking. You find yourself stuck in an endless loop of negative thoughts and criticism, disconnected from the tender, innocent parts of yourself.  These loops make you question your worth or your abilities, and keep you locked into the mindset that tells you, “I’m no good with money…” or “I’m not working hard enough…” or “I am undeserving of life’s gifts…”

My love, it is time to break free of those thought patterns and rewire your neural pathways to make a sacred space for all that you came here to be. Those blocks that have been standing in the way of your dreams and desires must become portals, access points, the beginning of new beliefs that reflect who you are TODAY and who you want to be tomorrow.

Changing your thought patterns begins with recognizing your sticking points. When you find yourself caught in a negative thought loop, pay attention to it, turn towards it, explore it. Shame, guilt, overwhelm, and anxiety are often symptoms that mask the REAL thing that is happening in your subconscious. It’s easy to let those emotions take the lead, but you can’t let your subconscious run the show!

Be conscious of how you speak to yourself. Treat your soul kindly and speak to her as you would your dearest friend, with love, compassion, and encouragement. Consciousness is our driving force, and when we harness that power in a conscious way, the world opens up for us and everything changes. Blocks become strengths and stepping stones, propelling you forward on your spiritual journey.

Those old thought patterns hold no power over you. You have the power to depersonalize them, change them, rewrite your story,  giving yourself grace, love and compassion, and making way for SELF to emerge. She is the truth of you, and you know her, you feel her, you connect with her, and you know when she is present.

Cast off the old beliefs, my love, and follow your path to YOURSELF.

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