Choosing Your Truth

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Who are you? What are you???

We all have labels that define our roles in life. Oftentimes, these labels were applied in childhood based on the role you played in your family. Maybe you were the “good girl,” “the helper,” “the caretaker.”

Labels can be comforting when we’re young because they give us a definition we can step into easily. Labels take away the uncertainty by giving us clearly defined, predictable expectations of who we’re supposed to be and how we should behave.

What happens when you’ve expanded beyond your old labels?

Your younger self may be afraid to step outside of those old roles, to cede the control, reliability, and approval they provide. But stepping out of rigid definitions creates space for your truth to emerge! You are choosing to welcome the uncertainty, to dance with the mystery, to make way for your gifts to shine through and a new vision for your life to take shape!

Rather than spending your energy searching for a definition that makes you feel whole, you are creating your OWN sense of wholeness. You are harnessing your energy and reallocating it to something you truly love, rewriting your story based on who you actually are rather than who the world expects you to be.

You have the power to choose your own labels and create a beautiful partnership that brings you joy and the freedom to be who you came here to be. Or you can choose to eschew labels altogether and fearlessly forge a new path, allowing yourself to become intentionally lost, waiting patiently in the mystery, the void, for your truth to emerge.

My love, this is where you find your “why.” You discover what you are in devotion to, and you begin pulling all those pieces together- your love, your willingness, your creative power, your vision- and bring them into alignment, and then the magic starts to happen!

You free yourself from those old labels that tried to define who you are and what you’re capable of being. Instead of altering yourself to fit a too small, outgrown label, you are stepping out into your truth and expanding into all you came here to be.

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