Reclaiming Your Energy Source

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What fuels you?

Your WHY, your driving force, the power that you are in devotion to?

That’s not always an easy question to answer… And if you don’t know your WHY, it’s all too easy to fall into old patterns, old roles, old stories, and move through life defined by the expectations of others, doing what you’re “supposed” to do rather than choosing your path, your truth, your power.

But, my love, you get to choose how you spend your energy.

You can allow yourself to be defined by the stories or beliefs that have been handed down to you through the generations, or you can choose to step out and say, “No! I’m here to have a voice, and I’m not prepared to live inside these stories or beliefs any longer!”

When you break free of those generational cords, reclaim your energy, get in touch with your WHY, the transformation begins.  You begin to pull together all of your broken pieces, bring them back, and rebuild yourself stronger.

You discover the energy that fuels your fire, your passion, your love, your willingness, your creative power, your vision. As these pieces come together, the elements align, and the magic starts to happen.

Like a puzzle, a picture begins to reveal itself, and your path becomes clear. Your intuition stops whispering and it becomes a joyful exaltation of your dreams, your desires, the reality you want to create for yourself.

You’re no longer stuck, pushing against old beliefs, old limitations, feeling depleted, exhausted and uncertain. You become the true creator of your life, no longer bound to history.

When you discover your power, your truth, your energy source, you can step up and take charge of your mind and your emotions and use your energy to propel you down your spiritual path.

My love, this is FREEDOM!

Your past does not dictate your future. You are the source of your life, and no one can define you but YOU.

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