Breaking the Patterns of the Past

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My love, what are you choosing instead of your freedom?

We so often feel pulled in two different directions. One hand is being pulled forward, guided in the direction that you want to go, while the other is being pulled by the past, by old beliefs, and old stories and the regret and shame that they hold.

Old stories are powerful. They can leave you feeling stuck, trapped inside a prison of your own making, held fast by a generational legacy of shame and disrespect. But my love, you do not have to live within the beliefs of your lineage.

You are the author of your story, and you have the tools to write a better future for yourself. You are a powerful advocate for change, and your courage has the power to heal you, and the generations that came before.

The portal to your future, your dreams, your destiny comes from depersonalizing the shame and guilt you are carrying from the past. You must be the stopping place, the one that brings the shift your ancestors could not. You can break the patterns of the past by lovingly setting boundaries when those old feelings of shame and guilt show up, and reminding yourself that these are merely relics that have been handed down to you.

The negative thoughts that swirl in your brain, the ones that tell you that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, working hard enough, they don’t even belong to you! They are part of the negative collective consciousness that we all share. When you doubt yourself, that loop in your head is being powered by the negative collective consciousness. Don’t let it overpower your truth!

YOU get to choose a different path, a new direction, a new story. When you choose to set down the burdens of the past and follow your true consciousness, your creative wisdom, your truth, that is when you finally spread your wings and fly free!

Nurture your true consciousness, listen to the voice of your heart, and hold them close. Turn towards everything in your life, it is the portal to your FREEDOM!

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