Rewriting Generational Stories

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You carry a legacy from your ancestors.

You are born into a culture, a society, or a religion, and you spend your formative years absorbing the beliefs and stories of your community. They are imprinted on your energetic field, and these stories become your stories, even if you have not experienced them personally.

A lineage of scarcity can define your narratives about money. Generational stories of shame or disrespect can affect your beliefs about what is possible for you, or how you deserve to be loved. Generational wounding may originate from this collective consciousness, but you do not have to repeat these patterns in your own life.

My love, you have the power to change the story by claiming the energy that has been passed down and choosing that it ends with you! 

You are surrounded by opportunities and miracles, and I encourage you to recognize them as portals that beckon you to open your heart, your mind, and your soul to see things that you were unable to see before, to rattle your old beliefs and change the way you see the world.

Your spirit is a bright light that is ALWAYS within you. It can get covered up by the generational legacy of pain, limiting beliefs, and stories of scarcity, but my love, your light never goes away. It is there, waiting to be uncovered, waiting to shine your truth into the world.

Your story is your truth, and you are the author. Don’t turn away from the stories of your past- turn towards them so that you may understand the generational cycle of pain and begin the healing. When you use the power of your deciding to craft a new narrative, shift your energy, and create new possibilities, you create a new cycle of hope and healing.

Your generational stories are a part of you, but they do not have to define who you will become. Do not fear the pain and wounding of the past. Use those blocks as stepping stones to your future. Share your stories. Connect deeply with the vulnerable parts of yourself and use them to form connections with others, to invite the love that is meant to be yours.

We are all looking for kinship and a sense of belonging, and I believe that hearing somebody’s personal story and being able to connect with it in a meaningful way is a beautiful way for us to feel connected to ourselves and to each other. So, embrace your past, my love, but never be afraid to change your story, question old beliefs, and create a new reality for yourself.

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