Episode 101: Stop Judging Yourself for Past Mistakes with Elena

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We all look back and question the choices and decisions we made in the past.

All too often we judge our previous choices negatively, unfairly filtering them through the information we have gained as we progress further along our spiritual paths.

Elena is here because she finds herself torn between the present and the past, unable to make strong decisions for her business and her life. Elena wants to release the ambivalence so that she can step into decisiveness and make choices without judgment or regret.

During her reading we explore:

  • Why filtering your past choices through the information you have gained leads to judgment
  • Staying grounded in the moment and using new insight to change your trajectory
  • How indecision masquerades as safety
  • Using the power of your decision as a channel to connect to your intuition and higher guidance

Join me for reading that empowers you to trust yourself, your intuition, and your power to create the life you want to live. 

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Want to Find Out More about Sarah?

Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. As a portal between the seen and the unseen worlds she lives in devotion to creating spaces that allow people to be fully ALIVE and deeply connected to their intuition. We are ALL intuitive and have the capacity to connect with what we cannot see, and because of this she loves inspiring people to embrace their magic and live in the mystery of life. Knowing that life is ALWAYS loving you, even in the hard moments, and understanding that how you show up for everything is connected to how you are loving and being with yourself,, she loves to play in the places that awaken the truth of YOU and ignite the gifts your of intuition, magic and your deepest desires.

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