YOU are Worth the Risk

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My love, leaving is rarely easy. When you begin the journey of leaving a marriage, you’re not just leaving a person, you’re leaving an institution.

There is a collective story around marriage that begins in childhood. We are programmed and conditioned from our most tender ages to believe a patriarchal narrative about what relationships are supposed to look like and what the dynamic between a man and a woman should be.

Walking away from the institution that is so deeply ingrained within our consciousness is painful, even when you know in your very soul that it is time to go. Divorce brings fear and uncertainty that can cloud your knowing. In order to walk through this, you must discover the resilience that is inside you, connect with it and BELIEVE in it.

My love, do not doubt your heart, your mind, or your intuition. Connect with the deepest part of you, the part that wants to leave, the part that knows that leaving is your path. Find that warrior that lives inside of you and work with her to find freedom.

You will not walk this path alone. It will feel like you are alone sometimes, and yet, there is a deep well of knowledge, wisdom, and power available to you that has been uncovered and mined by the ones that have walked this path ahead of you. They stand beside you, lifting you up in love as you dismantle the conditioning and programming that have kept you trapped in a story that no longer fits. Feel their unwavering support as you gather your power and stand confidently inside your decision.

Do not fear leaving, my love. When you are standing on the precipice, staring at the void between the life you are leaving behind and the promise of a better future, don’t let fear hold you back. It is time to choose YOU.

At the center of every story about a woman leaving a marriage is a deeper, more powerful story. It is the story of a woman choosing her sovereignty, her power, her heart. Remember this and align your path with what is here for you, with your dreams and desires, with the life you want to build.

Take that leap of faith and know that you are opening portals to new choices and possibilities. By taking this risk, you are embracing your truth and expanding into all that you are meant to be, and my love, YOU are worth the risk!

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