Episode 102: There are No Wrong Decisions with Elise

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When you have an abundance of choices, it can feel overwhelming and frustrating- even when all the choices are good! We get caught up in a worry cycle and fear making the wrong choice, facing failure, or missing out on a better opportunity.

Elise is here for a reading because she is seeking direction for her life. As a young woman, she has countless paths stretched out before her, and she is struggling to decide which step to take. With so many choices available, how can she decide who she wants to be, where she wants to live, or which career path to follow?

During her reading we explore:

  • Seeking the safety and stability you lacked in childhood
  • Filling the safety void with external forces rather than creating a sense of safety within yourself
  • Choosing a path when your dreams and desires for your life are constantly changing and evolving
  •  Being hesitant to move forward because you are still clinging to the stories and patterns of the past
  • Recognizing that there are no failures or mistakes, only opportunities for learning and growth
  • Going against the grain of society’s expectations by walking the path of the non-ordinary

Join me now for a promise-filled reading that reminds you that you can choose YOU, map your own path, and build a safe, loving home inside your own heart.

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Want to Find Out More about Sarah?

Sarah is a mystic, spiritual guide and transformational coach. As a portal between the seen and the unseen worlds she lives in devotion to creating spaces that allow people to be fully ALIVE and deeply connected to their intuition. We are ALL intuitive and have the capacity to connect with what we cannot see, and because of this she loves inspiring people to embrace their magic and live in the mystery of life. Knowing that life is ALWAYS loving you, even in the hard moments, and understanding that how you show up for everything is connected to how you are loving and being with yourself, she loves to play in the places that awaken the truth of YOU and ignite the gifts your of intuition, magic and your deepest desires.

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