Stop Judging Yourself for Past Mistakes

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You can’t move forward if you’re constantly looking back.

Every one of us has things we wish we could change about the past. We look back at old decisions and choices through the filter of the wisdom we have gained since and wish that we could do it a little differently, but my love, this is keeping you stuck.

Don’t waste precious time regretting the choices you made in the past. You made the best choice you could make in THAT moment. You chose with your heart. Stop using the information you have gained on your journey against yourself!

If you are constantly second guessing your decisions, you’ll stay trapped between the past and the present, unable to continue along your spiritual path, blocked from creating a new reality.

My love, stay grounded in the present. Looking back will not help create the life you want, and judgment robs you of your energy.

Be curious and live in the present moment.  Recognize the wisdom you have gained, but don’t use it to look back on your previous decisions with judgment. Instead, use that information to change your trajectory or write a new story for your life.

You will encounter moments of indecision that leave you stuck, afraid to make a wrong move. Indecision is your conditioning  trying to protect you and keep you safe, but that indecision also acts as a plug in your energetic crown that stops energy and life from coming in.

When you approach decisions with your heart, with curiosity and hope about the future, you can access your intuition and your higher guidance in a new, unfiltered way.

This is your power, my love!

You have opened your energetic crown and created a new channel for you to connect to your dreams and desires. Protect it and preserve it for yourself and use this divine source to propel you further along your spiritual path.

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