Episode 111: Healing from Overachieving with Catrine

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In the industry of entrepreneurship, where so much energy is going out in service of others, it is vitally important that you replenish that energy and have practices that give back to yourself. In this modern, capitalistic society that pushes us to endlessly work for the external metrics of success, it can be easy to confuse your achievements with your worthiness and your deserving of love. Yet with all this ‘working’ we are only depleting ourselves and obscuring ourselves from our truth, especially when we get caught up living our lives on autopilot.

Despite doing well for herself in her business, Catrine is here feeling scattered in her daily life. She’s seeking some support in understanding where to focus her energy as she moves forward. Today, Catrine and I have an honest conversation about nurturing ourselves and letting go of our attachment to external achievement.

During her reading we cover:

  • How rest and rejuvenation are essential on this journey
  • The importance of asking for help
  • The importance of accepting that help once you’ve asked for it
  • How to grow your business by nurturing yourself
  • Proving your worth through overachieving
  • What it means to experience true freedom in your life
  • How living life on autopilot prevents us from following our truths

Enjoy this potent reading that provides you with some powerful insights if you are an overachiever or find yourself experiencing exhaustion. 

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